The Thermal Cryo Process

Both Thermal and Cryogenic processes are applied to our conductors to perform essentially the same function - to remove the inherent mechanical stresses that result from the manufacturing process. Why? Because mechanical stress can degrade your sound quality by injecting glare, harshness and strain into the music. In the case of thermal treatment or annealing, the metal is softened and stresses are relieved. On the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, cryogenic treatment also removes stress by aligning atoms (and electrons) in a more uniform pattern, thereby eliminating conductive imperfections in the crystalline structure. Our thermal-cryo cycle is performed three times to fully relax and align the metallic structures - resulting in a more natural, flowing and 'liquid' presentation.

Big cables

Power Your Senses

Our number one goal is to enhance your listening pleasure. By coupling the most advanced techniques in cable design and construction with extensive listening, we voice our products to maximize musical value. We believe that each cable, whether interconnect, phono, power or speaker requires its own unique materials and architecture to perform at its best. To this end, we have designed every cable specifically for its intended purpose and challenged previous design concepts of uniformity across all lines. The result - cables that deliver on our most prized performance criteria - phenomenal midrange clarity, airy highs without etch, pace, top to bottom continuity and astonishing layering, depth and resolution. We hope, after trying them, you'll agree.

Performance Optimized Based on Unique Application Requirements